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Monday, March 1, 2010

New Stocking Progress and No Creepy Duck This Time

Warning: Bad photo! Fat cat! The one thing I will most definitely be getting with my tax refund this year is a new digital camera, probably last year's Nikon because it'll be cheaper, but most definitely one comparable to what died on me two years ago. Hopefully that will put an end to lousy crap shots like this one. Dammit to hell.

Nearly done with the decreases on the new stocking design. Since it isn't ribbed and the fabric doesn't pull in as closely as the Victorian pattern I have to decrease down to about 70-80 stitches for the ankle, as opposed to the 104 the 1880s pattern called for. Now that I see it all laid out next to a Spotted Dirigible, it seems a mite large, but it really isn't that much wider than the stripy pair.

The good thing about designing stockings, socks or gloves is that you can photograph and post the pattern when you're only half done. So once I've darned in the toe I can post it without having yet knitted the second one.

The weather will most likely be much too warm by the time I get the pair finished for me to wear them. Bah! Buuuut I can then start fooling with designing some black lace cotton ones, or maybe something like the black & white stripy pair on the same page.


Helen said...

Those stockings are beautiful! I really like the purled back of the striped ones, it makes me think of the old panty hose with the line up the back. And that cat, by the way, is probably going to be able to eat you for Thanksgiving. You should call the zoo before it's too late.

Scott said...

I keep misreading the title of this post as "New Stocking Progress and No Creepy Dick This Time." I'm always disappointed each time there's no new post about some kinda "creepy dick", whatever that is.

Severina said...

Helen, all my knitted stockings got seams up the back! Most of the really old patterns have a purl stitch as the place where the decreases go, except for a 1940s pattern. I've got a couple dozen pairs of vintage 1950s nylon stockings (thrift store!) with the actual seams sewn up the back and all the new ones I buy are all old-timey looking.

Scott, don't tempt me with posting "creepy dick" photos. I've got one here I've been planning to email you for a couple days now.

WV: "clintic" It's where you go if you have a creepy dick.

Obsidian Kitten said...

WV: phytongs

What you use to handle creepy dick specimens.