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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Remodelling By Automobile

Yes, the worst photograph, ever.

They actually took down the yellow police tape, but there were quite a few people still gawking like they had never seen a demolished porch before so I had to grab what shot I could when the stampede slowed. All those big slabs are granite and I'm supposing they've been sitting there minding their own business for something like 120 years when some fucktard decides to take a shortcut through them. There were two side rails to the porch but as you can see, they're now in a pile with the rest of the bricks and such. He also crashed into the car parked in front of the house but inexplicably it's still sitting there. I suppose if you've got the perfect parking spot you don't move your car, squashed fender or no squashed fender.

I'm supposed to be finishing up some new Etsy crap tonight so's I can get the photographs posted, for everyone to totally ignore. Damned recession.

The cat is being a complete pig today. He's discovered that he can eat dry food now but he's also still wiping his mouth with his paws and spreading food all over them so I wind up washing his filthy feet several times a day. This is the first day he didn't behave like he was starving to death and he's stayed out of my closet. He's definitely got his old energy back and has been trotting back & forth between me and the kitchen all damn day like he normally does, chattering to himself. I think the meds have done their job to heal his gums, but the doc couldn't do anything about all the talking, I'm afraid. That might've involved sewing his mouth shut.


Mouse said...

I don't think I've sold anything in my Etsy shop for MONTHS now.. this economy SUCKS. I'm glad the orange furrball is feeling better!

Severina said...

Yeah, even my cheap or marked-down stuff isn't selling. I sold one custom pin in February, but diddly-squat in January and March. I'm hoping people might use their tax refunds for something, but I'm not holding my breath.

The orange furball says he's feeling much better today, thanks!

Obsidian Kitten said...

So glad to hear Beastie is feeling like his usual feisty and talkative self again.

I haven't sold anything on etsy except one card of buttons since mid-January. Haven't really put up anything new, but I do relist things every couple weeks. Methinks people be broke.

And they haven't got any money, either.

Crypt Stitch said...

I hear ya with the Etsy thing, blah. Mind you, I haven't bought anything in ages either. And by the way we all know you adore the wee orange furball, despite the grumblings otherwise - Akasha is 17 this year, and just like my 90 year old Grandmother, wanders around talking to herself most of the day. Just one of the charms of becoming ancient.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Hey, I walk around talking to myself most of the day, and I'm *not* ancient (yet). Is it still a charm?