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Saturday, April 4, 2009

In Which the Author Goes Completely Random Once More

I'm too lazy this morning to get dressed and go look at the house with the enlarged front door. One should not use an automobile to do one's remodeling.

I've decided I want this snazzy little device for my birthday. Imagine putting a Visa or even a bus pass in it and sproiiiing! having it suddenly right at hand when you need it. This image came from The Gamblers which was part of the Time-Life Old West series printed in the mid 1970s.

Since I'm not getting anywhere building my army of Strangling Robots or even my strictly experimental Ass-Biting Robot I think I should get a giant robot with a flame-thrower mounted in his head, for World Domination purposes. It would be the best birthday present ever. You wouldn't even have to wrap it for me. I'd accept my gift gratefully, then quite gleefully trample it over your house a couple of times. I'd be testing it, you see.

Other failed robots include the nameless one which only produced offensive smells, the Solar-Powered Spanking Automaton, and those nasty little greasy things that might be robots but I suspect are merely my neighbors.

Don't remind me I need to make a long-neglected update (a total remodel, really) of Miss Meriwether's and to post some new things for Perfidious Beadworks.

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