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Saturday, March 28, 2009


I've been informed that Bleeding Gums Murphy (the artist formerly known as Damien) has bad teeth and receding gums. My choices are to either give him a strange experimental not-for-kitties anti-inflammatory and antibiotics or have rotten teeth removed and major gum surgery.

Both choices aren't so hot for antique kitties. The meds can possibly cause kidney damage or the anesthesia could kill him. I've got ten days to see if the meds work and decide whether to start saving money for dental work ($500-$750), though supposedly you can maintain bad gums if the animal is really old ($25 a pop). Super.

The vet ooed and ahhed over him, said he was a handsome ginger boy (sounds like a porn mag) and had a strong heartbeat. I guess he only sees cats that old when they're scraggly and ready to be put down, eighteen being in the prehistoric range for kitty-cats. Surprisingly he only weighs five pounds, most of which is orange fur and gas. You know the little monster is going to live to be like 30, just out of spite.

I'm in for at least ten days of cat stink-eye whenever I squirt those meds down his throat. Right now he's got his back turned and his ears flat, hoping I'll notice just how pissed off he is, though I think he knows I'm ignoring him. Personally, I'd rather have that than a furious cat that pees on stuff or tries to rip my face off.

I suppose it's too late to trade him in for a box of turtles.


Obsidian Kitten said...
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Obsidian Kitten said...

Sry, had to start over. mho maphpephiahr. See?

Okay...untangling fingers. Here goes. I began thus:

Poor Bleeding Gums Murphy.

We recently went through some dental surgery with Emma, though she wasn't even half BGM's age at the time. She hadn't been drooling, but her breath could've raised the dead and roused the undead alike. Turns out she had to have about 11 teeth pulled.

Fortunately our very kind vet was well aware of our poverty and only charged us for two extractions, but of course there was the whole anesthesia thing, the cleaning of the rest of the teeth, yadda it still cost plenty. But not nearly as much as it could have, and she seemed much happier afterwards, as was I, especially when she decided to yawn deeply or bathe in close proximity to my face.

There was still the cat stink-eye throughout the course of antibiotics to endure, however. Why do they make that stuff smell like rotting bananas? I'd sure as shite piss on someone's shoes if they forced me to swallow it, too.

Good luck with the handsome ginger boy. Hopefully the meds will do the trick and you'll only be subject to 10 days' worth of evil eye.

Severina said...

Eleven teeth??? Crap. How could the poor thing eat? Those things must've been hurting like crazy.

Usually the antibiotics I've had to pour down Damien's throat have been that pink bubblegum flavored stuff meant for little kids. He'd pretend to swallow it and later I'd notice he was pink & sticky because it had been dribbling out the other side of his mouth and down his chest. Sneaky bastard. This stuff I got today doesn't seem to have a smell to it, but we'll see how much he puts up with.

The anti-inflammatory is only three doses so the drooling should end pretty soon and he'll be able to sit in my lap without me having to wipe his chin every few minutes.

Scott said...

Yer link is borked; you left the "h" off the "http".

Eve said...

Why don't they make tuna flavored antibiotics for cats? There would be so much less stink eye and bleeding limbs with that one simple change.

I'm hoping the antibiotics work so you don't have to do surgery.

Obsidian Kitten said...

You know, after they pulled eleven teeth you wouldn't think she'd have very many left--but she still seems to have plenty.

Apparently cats have 30 teeth (who knew?):

Grey cat had one of his front fangs pulled and then the remaining fang would get hung up on his lip giving him a really silly snagglepuss look.

Cats and dental work--always good for a giggle.