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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sheet of Crap

This is another piece of crap I neglected to throw out when I was clearing out some stuff at my parents' house. This was a brochure I saved from a interminably dull family road trip we took way back in the mid 80s. I've blotted most of it from my memory, except for the part where one of my cousins got carsick within the first hour or so.

Note how the brochure is for the Three Mile Island Visitors Center, rather than for the nuclear plant itself. If you think how horribly lame it was to visit the Visitors Center instead of the plant you'll realize just how fucking dull the whole exercise was. They didn't even sell any goddamn souvenirs. There were some keychains on display, but none for sale, as though this would be something incredibly cool they'd be selling sometime in the distant future, long after I was gone.

Those keychains were taunting me. Still are, to this day.

Oh, and Three Mile Island is pretty damn close to Hershey, PA, where all the chocolate bars are made. I like to think there was some glowing/fizzing/sparking chocolate made after the meltdown, but yet again I'd most likely be horribly disappointed.

I'm always disappointed. Horribly so.


Sherri said...

Come visit me. We have a nuclear power plant locally and it has a World Of Energy museum associated with it. I haven't been yet. You'd be a perfect reason to go. We could be disappointed together, and then we could go eat chocolate.

Scott said...

She pronounces it "new-cue-ler".