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Monday, August 2, 2010

WTF 1980s?

When I hauled a bunch of crap back here from my parents' house I had intended to post some of it for your amusement. Of course that was several months ago and I'm just now getting to it. Booooo, I suck.

Our first entry is from a March 1980 TV Guide. Yes, I used to collect TV Guides when I was a kid. Shut up and get over it.

Anyhow, note how there's no cable TV. Note how several different channels have the same damn TV show on at the same damn time. Also note the sensitive, heartwarming nature of the Very Special Episode of Laverne & Shirley I've helpfully circled.

The mind reels and perhaps boggles a bit before giving up completely.


Scott said...

Hey, that was my birthday; I turned eleven.

I dumped the rest of those TV Guides in the big paper recycle bin across town. It was liberating!

Severina said...

Huh. You acted like you were going to keep them. Got all territorial about 'em.

Sherri said...

Good gravy on a stick. MIKE DOUGLAS! At least you got it in the morning. In my world, it took up valuable afternoon time that could have had cartoons in it.

I remember it mostly from anytime I was sick and stayed home. Also -- Phil Freakin' Donahue!

Somewhere in my collection is a book that lists every TV show ever broadcast in the US up until some year in the mid 80s. I love that book.

Scott said...

You didn't want the TV Guides, so don't be complaining about them now. I'm not running a storage company for your crap.

Sherri, isn't it funny how we can look at an old TV listings like this and see all kinds of crap we want to watch, but if we look at a current listing with all 10,000 channels there's not a damn thing on?

Severina said...

Of course there's nothing on! None of those 10,000 channels show Phil Donahue or Mike Douglas.

And Sherri, I think I've got that very book--great for saying "so there" to whatever jackass who doesn't know the names of the cast of Sanford & Son.

Obsidian Kitten said...

I got my boss that book. It's a real page-turner.

We had ABC, CBS, and NBC where I grew up, and then on the *other* dial (VHF I guess) a kind of staticky PBS.

Yes, kids, those were the days.

And it was effin uphill both ways, too.

Severina said...

We had two separate aerials on the roof--one for VHF and the other for UHF and two of those cranky-ass tuning things to dial in the channels. We could pick up all kindsa stuff if the wind was blowing right.

Once we picked up Canada and watched The Bionic Woman and another time we saw bits of a Cuban news show.