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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Find It Before I Kill It

It's time to play another round of Find the Spotted Thing!
canned applause & fake cheering
This time Grady the Spotted Thing has very cleverly hidden himself among the furnishings but has left some obscure clues as to his whereabouts.

The first clue means that at least he's in the building.
...I think...

...getting warmer...

...nearly there...


Uhhhh, oh my.


Viviana said...

I just completed three weeks of house sitting five cats. I know well the experience of punctured and shredded toilet paper.

And chewed cardboard boxes.

One of them tried to eat one of those giant plastic tupperware-type storage containers.

At least you have only one spotted beast!

Mouse said...

I'm currently living with THREE of the little bastards so I get tag team destruction AND no one kitty to blame it on. My toilet paper seems to have the same problem... it also is NEVER on the roll when I come into the bathroom! Must be those new 'self-unrolling' toilet paper rolls.

Severina said...

Grady seems to be bent on laying waste to my whole apartment. The only reason I let him rip that space heater box to shreds is so he'll leave my wall of vinyl albums alone.

The toilet paper seems to be revenge for my emptying the medicine cabinet. He's lately taken to opening the cabinet door and hauling everything out into the sink in the middle of the night.