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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nobody Around Here Understands My Potato

As if to make up for my colossally god-awful, smelly, wasted, 105-degree weekend, this one promises to be totally made of win. The temp will be about 20 degrees cooler and maybe I'll get some beading or sewing done, or at least get some damn rest so I'm not sleepwalking again.

For some mutated win I only had to hop on a city bus and ride about ten blocks downtown last night to get the ball rolling. What's round on the ends and high in the middle? O-Hi-O!

See, DEVO. I was actually maybe only six feet from the stage. My camera is so technologically advanced that it can make close-ups look like I am all the way on the other side of the room. I am so lucky.

About 78% of my pictures either were blurry beyond recognition, very nearly completely black, or were quite nice snaps of some damn fool's arm with a camera way nicer than mine.

Purposefully weird lighting effect thingy, rather than my camera dying like a dog. Or perhaps it is dying. The thing was so hot by the time I got home I had to take out the batteries and memory card in case it caught fire, blew up, or slowly melted into a slightly more useful brick.

A large portion of my photos are plagued by giant heads. I'm hoping my own massive, alienesque head has engulfed someone else's perfect shots. Having a Big Irish Head could have its uses, and not for Good either. I'll totally use it for Evil.

Behold, a head so large it threatens to swallow an entire drum kit whole. Run!

Fe-fi-fo-fum! My personal favorite, Jerry emerging from the top of a giant's head. I like to think there's a steering wheel in there and he can drive the giant around and make it stomp on stuff. I specifically planted myself at left part of the stage to see a guy mostly hidden by a huge fucking head. Now I can die happy.

Artistically book-ended by two battling giant heads. See, I'm sure there's some arty-farty photography term for this but I was probably asleep at my desk or in the back of the classroom eating chalk or something.

And don't forget the screen captures from some seriously low-res video (shhh, don't ask about the sound). Remember kids, my camera was a whole $17 on eBay!

It's a Beautiful World. But only if you have a fancy camera like the guy in the bottom right frame.


Scott said...

Great. I'm never going to hear the end of this.

Severina said...

Have I said a damn thing to you about it?

Nope. Don't think I mentioned it to you at all.

Scott said...

But you will. Oh, god, you will.

Severina said...

I keel you!