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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mmmmm, Leafy

Since I've already had much, much too much coffee this morning I've started on a bracelet. I ordered a crapload of glass leaves in browns & purples, a sterling charm bracelet, and a flower toggle. I looked at the free Flower Patch Bracelet pattern at Fusion Beads and decided I'd rather have a bunch of dead leaves and brown berries instead of cheery spring flowers right now. I'm gearing up for fall, see.

I'm perpetually gearing up for fall. Screw summer. I don't own a bathing suit, or at least one that was made after 1955, and I burn to a crisp if I'm out in the sun for maybe ten minutes. I also can't abide the humidity so I don't go outdoors during the day if I can help it.

The bluish leaves are only that color on one side--the reverse is a really nice amber. I should have ordered three of everything instead of two so I'll most likely have to fill in with some dark amber drops and random amber beads. Later I'll dunk the whole mess in liver of sulfur to blacken up the metal.

The really filthy blue denim fabric isn't upholstery, it's the beanbag side of an ancient lap desk that I turn over and use to keep my seed beads from rolling away, so it's all splattered and dribbled with coffee. I keep looking for a good beading surface but all I'm finding right now are those crap things used for stringing beads. The next time I'm at the thrift store I should look for a tray that I can line with velour or something, or perhaps sew a flat beanbag that I could actually put in the wash when I've spilled too much crap on it.

Leaves! Can't you hear them rustling?

I do adore brown leaves, for no apparent sane reason. It seems to go way beyond the whole fall thing into a freakish leafy obsession. (That beady purse I'm working on is brown leaves as well.) Don't get me wrong, flowers are great in the right place and I like when my houseplants bloom, but by around June I'm usually pretty sick of the damn things and I'm ready for every pastel-colored, sweet-smelling thing to die already.

runs away to go play in the leaves


Mouse said...

I love your leaf bracelet- I have some amber & dark green leaves that I made into earrings. Living in Georgia pretty much makes me wish for Fall all year long.. especially in this freakish heat in August.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Augusta never really had any fall leaves to speak of, between the damn pine trees and the live oaks. It never had much in the way of seasons, just hot, humid, airless months and then a few months in between them. Ugh.

I love fall. Those are really nice leaves.

Severina said...

I grew up in southwestern VA, so there was some pretty nice fall weather. Crunchy leaves, wood burning in fireplaces, handfuls of acorns to fling at my brother. It ruled.

Needless to say, fall lasts maybe a couple weeks here, what with most of the leaves turning brown due to drought or maybe just plain spite.

Scott said...

Danville's not in southwestern Virginia!

Severina said...

Is too!

If it's not southwestern VA then where the hell is it? Middle-southern-almost-west?

Scott said...

If you look at a map, Danville is situated exactly at the midway point across the bottom of Virginia. So, I guess it's south-central Virginia. Or something. Anyway, not southwestern.

Severina said...

I'm gonna slap the stink off you!

I try really hard to not look at any part of a map that has Danville on it, thank you very much. Grr.

Scott said...

Just tell everyone you're from Bulgaria.

Severina said...

Southwestern Bulgaria.

Severina said...

OK, it's actually Southside Virginia.