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Monday, December 21, 2009

Cat-Craft Time

Huh. There's still snow outside. Well, crap.

I suppose that means it's Craft Time. Again.

While I'm trying to decide whether to make a nice furry hat or a tote bag out of the Fat Bastard's spotted hide I'll show everyone that the little monster has at least stayed cute, no matter how much of a fat-ass he's turned into in the past five months. Ninety percent of his destructiveness seems to come from his size--he just barrels through everything at full speed. Yesterday he slammed into the back of my leg and nearly knocked me over. Back in October His Lardy Highness managed to drag a wedding photograph from 1920 off the wall using only his tail and leaving broken glass on the rug that I'm still finding. You'd think he'd realize his bulk before he attempted a swan dive from the windowsill into that plant, but he's not exactly known for his intellect.

I think I could craft both a furry hat and a nice warm collar for my coat, plus the scraps might make a matching trim for my gloves. I think there's plenty of cat for all that.


Scott said...

Make a stew!

Helen said...

My cat will become a cat-hat this holiday season. Make sure you use every part of the cat. You can use the bones to make festive holiday beads.

BlackCrow said...

finger puppets from his paws!!!

Fat Kitty is off to the vet after Xmas, she's not well. Not sure I'd like to wrap her around my neck, but I do like the idea of gloves. Maybe just for the lining.

Severina said...

Ahhh, all sorts of craft ideas for cat parts!

But no uses for cat smells.