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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cold and Bored

My neighborhood got 10"-11" of snow and now most of it is frozen solid. I wonder if I could make some snowshoes using a hot glue gun and random garbage? When I get back home from running my errands I could use them as half-assed last-minute Xmas gifts. I could jam some flowers in them and shazam!, two gifts. Pure genius.

Of course Fat Bastard Grady has spent the day being completely horrible. He discovered not too long ago that if he gets into the laundry basket he can reach this 1890s photograph. He also learned pretty quickly that if he then jiggles the bejesus out of the frame, the photograph falls out the back. It's a pretty big photo, like 16" x 20", so it makes a really cool banging noise when it hits the wall. Or at least it sounds cool to retarded kitty-cats.

I hear when you bang on a cat it makes a pretty cool noise, too.

More 1886 stocking progress, since it's too damn cold to do anything else and there isn't crap on TV. The photo's not out of focus, you just need your eyes checked! This is the last picture my smelly camera could manage before it sucked the juice out of the batteries and shut down. I wasn't going to pretend to be an ice-breaker and fight my way up the street for batteries today. No no no no no, no.

The stocking is now about 16 1/2" long and I decided to forgo the increases at the calf because they seemed unnecessary for this size, so I just started my decreases at about 12". At this rate I'll have one nearly completed before I pack up my stuff Tuesday night, though I'm not sure how I even got this far what with having to put my knitting down every few minutes to pound on a cat.


Scott said...

ha ha cat

BlackCrow said...

So I guess this is the tail end and once you start increasing after 12" instead of stripes, we'll start seeing the spots. Nice:)