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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who Done It?

When I came in to work today I discovered that some unknown person had ordered me this fancy sleeping mask from Crude Things, possibly so I won't have to see Grady laying waste to my belongings early in the morning. Horribly, most mornings I actually look like this.

Who done it? I have my suspicions..

*points accusingly, then dances away in her mask*


Mouse said...

OMG.. that is too funny! Congrats on a great gift.

Scott said...

It wasn't me, I only give you old crap I don't want anymore.

BlackCrow said...

Mwa hah hah!! It was EYE!!
Now the spotty beast will fear your evil eyes even at night!

Lana (crudethings)is terrific!!

I thought of you as soon as I saw them..have a terrific time over this festive season..oh will your brother be there too, I guess you can't have everything! well behave yourselves!!

Severina said...

Ah hah, thought it was you! Thanks for the dandy mask!

I forgot to pack Celebrated Worm Lozenges for my brother, so he'll just have to suffer through dealing with Grady.