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Monday, March 30, 2009

Something Resembling Normal

The maladjusted orange beast must be getting back to whatever normal is because this morning he yanked a chunk off my spider plant.

Yesterday he sat on the rug and stared at me most of the day, drooling, and wouldn't eat more than a couple bites, then he'd go sit in the closet for a while. Then he'd stand next to me on the sofa and stare, then back to the closet.

Today he's back to his usual fussing and chattering and grumbling (the cat does not shut up), plus he's eaten more this morning than he had all day yesterday. Very little drooling, which is great because it was getting to be a bit disgusting. He's even starting to look a bit cleaner.

He's spent most of the morning wandering around the apartment talking to me, himself, or his imaginary friends--which is pretty much normal around here. He's part Siamese and part not right so I have a constant running commentary from him all day, every day. And he's freakin' loud on top of that.

You wouldn't think a scrawny little five pound cat could make so much noise, but try and ignore him when he's bored and the boy will rattle the windows. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm pounding the crap out of him. It's like those old cartoons where somebody uses a cat as a police siren by cranking his tail.


Obsidian Kitten said...

yahooch would barely let me open your mail, much less respond to it..maybe later.

needless to say, i'm glad BGM is turning back into himself again with more talking, muttering, and mumbling, more eating, and less drooling. all is good news.

pretty funny that he talked so much to the vet. i've never had a cat that did anything except lay on the cold metal table like a lump. think Damien was describing his symptoms (and his feline displeasure with them) to the vet in great detail?

"And the drooling...Dr. Vet, you have no idea how extremely unpleasant it is. I can't keep my lovely ginger chest clean for the life of's most inconvenient. You can scarcely imagine how distasteful I find this entire predicament..."

Severina said...

Damien rambled on & on until the thermometer went where the sun don't shine--that quieted him down for a minute or so--then it was back to yakking. He even got on the doc's desk once the exam was over to smell (and describe at great length) everything there.

The cat ain't right.

lorrwill said...

so he's on the mend, then? I hope the old guy gets his vim and vinegar back ASAP.

(I heart old, psycho cats for some reason - oh wait, they remind me of me.)