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Monday, December 15, 2008

Creepy Fangirl

More on Cassandra Goth, if you bothered to read the previous post. She's become kind of a creepy fangirl and hangs around where she can meet her favorite celebrities by accident, or if that doesn't work she finds out where they live and she stalks them, only she doesn't call it that. She calls it "keeping watch", in case something bad should happen. You know, in case her favorite musician should possibly need the Heimlich maneuver she'll be hiding there in a closet, close at hand and ready for action.

Don't even ask about the scary letters and icky things she mails to these poor guys.

She's fairly tame with the SimCity celebrities in the above surveillance photographs. She's merely nibbling on the fingers of one poor unfortunate, tasting the tonsils of the second, and doing a strange little ritualistic dance for the third. Believe me, she can do much much worse. Don't ask what she does with hand puppets, cold oatmeal, and duct tape. Brrrrr!

I believe Edward might be in more danger from Cassandra than her furious parents. Poor guy.


Mouse said...

I'm going to have to go cruise around online for these goth/victorian Sims add ons and figure out how to install them.. this seems like WAY too much fun. I have the "Sims Making Magic" that I never bothered to install.. maybe I should do that as well.

Severina said...

I never got around to buying Making Magic and I keep finding great things that only work with that expansion. Dammit!

As for installation, things go into the "User Objects" folder and heads and clothes go into "Skins" and those are all under Game Data. Rummage around in the Sims game files and have a look.

I could also send you my collection of Sims 1 bookmarks. It's getting harder and harder to find Sims 1 sites that haven't died or turned into Yahoo Groups but there are some still out there. For Grim Sims (best stuff ever) I had to join the file sharing site Yuku.

Obsidian Kitten said...

i'm very frightened by the naked sims down there. *fanning self*

Severina said...

Well, that was a pretty tame pose for those two. Most of the time they're at it like rabbits.

I think perhaps Edward has been reading Cassandra some of that Victorian porn from the Stitch-O-Rama anniversary party and he had something interesting to put in her "corner". I bet it had tassels on it.


Obsidian Kitten said...

i would say far more likely tassels than drunken chickens.

but you never know.

Severina said...

I've had Sims that raised chickens for extra cash. Most of the time about a third of them would jam themselves in the corner of the pen and starve to death, no matter how much food I'd dumped in.

So I guess the verdict is alcoholism rather than my half-assed avian husbandry.

Scott said...

I was originally hoping the goth Sim girl was making out with another girl, but it wasn't to be.

Also, my word verification may actually be a real word, "facti". Could that be an alternative plural of "fact"?

Severina said...

Didn't I tell you to find another hobby?

Scott said...

Don't take away my only source of happiness.