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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Technology is suddenly not my friend anymore. The computer decided a couple weeks ago to slow down to snail's speed so I decided maybe it's high time for a reformat, considering all the superfluous crap I tend to cram on my hard drive. I bought new disks and decided I'd do the dirty deed right after I'd finished playing Arcanum. Last week I got as far as level 48 before I broke the left mouse button. I actually broke a mouse playing a PC game. My nice scrolling mouse, dang it all. So now I'm using a vile, dirty little fingerprinted old one I hauled out of my spare parts box. That'll be the one without the zippy little scrolling wheel.

Please kill me.

Of course, when I was dragging all this stuff over to my CD burner for backup I remembered all those stupid little things like my browser bookmarks, ugly fonts I've downloaded, the textures and patterns I made and downloaded for NeoPaint, all those retarded photos of the cat, and my still woefully unfinished (for several years actually) but newly edited parody fanfic Harry Potter and the Mound of Random Items which may one day have an ending.

I got backups of everything but... (wait for it) saved game data for Arcanum. Curses! All the way up to level 48. More curses! I'd nearly gotten to the Vendigroth Device and was on the way to either resurrect Virgil's dead ass or loot his body of all the cool stuff of mine that he'd been carting around when he ran off, like those Siamese twins' skulls I could've used a couple of levels back. I decided that maybe two days of 10-12 straight hours of game playing was a bit much, even for a self-confessed geek so I shut everything down and went to bed. The next morning I discovered that the mouse was now crippled and completely freakin' useless unless I needed something to throw at the cat.

Don't ask me how the holy hell I could have missed saving my game data. Please place here the word "fuck" in large, capital letters in an especially expressive and angry font of your choosing, ending in several quite unnecessary exclamation points. Or use a nice little flowery Edwardian script and make it all fancy.

The crowning turd in the punchbowl, on top of having to replay 48 levels of Arcanum, is that my reformat came out all wonky so my computer says I have a working modem but there's no dial tone and that I have a perfectly working sound card but no audio devices connected so not only can I not connect to the internet I can't listen to music or watch any movies. I dragged home my old Sportster external modem from work to post this long whine and will probably have to use it a few more times until I get the drive wiped and reloaded but that doesn't help my sound problem at all.

Pissed off? That doesn't accurately describe it. Ready to rain down hot death upon the heads of random strangers out in the street is more likely. So now you know that my weekend activities will likely involve mutilating people I don't know and reformatting my hard drive, not necessarily in that order. I might throw in a little shrieking and cursing, just to round things out.

Oh, the beastly cat wants everyone to know that he'll be sixteen years old next week. He'll more than likely throw a party while I'm at work and I'll find tipsy kitties passed out in the hall and catnip and hairballs all over when I come home. I'll probably be flinging wasted cats out the door for hours.


Knitty Cat said...

*sob* I feel your pain. Arcanum doesn't run in Vista. I may just have to hang myself now.

Scott said...

Why did you have to do everything manually? Doesn't your PC have the Recovery program which reinstalls XP from the second partition? I haven't used that feature yet and am dreading reinstalling because that means I have to download every security update Microsoft has come out with since Service Pack 2, which is probably a few hundred MB. And that ain't gonna work on dial-up.

You've been saying that cat is sixteen years old for at least two years. We're not buying it anymore!

Severina said...

Oh I tried the acursed Recovery program first and decided that it sucked the dongs of a thousand diseased donkeys. I wanted a nice clean hard drive. It runs like the wind now! Or it will until I cram it's little brain full of the usual crap.

The Beastie was born in '91 so yes, he is actually 16 this time, but that doesn't mean he won't be 16 for the next two years.

And since Arcanum doesn't run in Vista I may use my old Windows forever. Or at least until I run out of mice.

Sherri said...

Ssscritch Kitty for me. I loves da Kitty!

and it always happens that when you game for more than 1/2 a day, you forget to save. Thus, one should save compulsively every hour. Just 'cuz.

che' said...

How is it that you get all the fuckin fun? hahah
Your right its too bloody warm!

Now I have to change the name of your site! NOT like you told me it was coming or anything! hahah
Ciao ciao!

PS Join Wordpress! Its cooooool!

Severina said...

But Sherri I diiid save my game! Saved it like every five minutes. I just forgot to move the saved games over to my CD burner.

BlackCrow said...

Ha, ha, ha,
Just do like your cat!

Yeah for Luddite cats!
Party on little beastie!!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Luddites of the world unite!

You shoulda told the gerbils to pedal faster, that's all.

Anonymous said...

I can't find a contact email for you..yes i'm sure it's right in front of my face :P
I'd like to start a kal for the skull stockings - could you email me and let me know if that's ok and anything else you might wanna say?

BlackCrow said...

Still out to lunch!!