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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Arcanum, Redux

Gaaahhh, it was 98 degrees today and I was nearly barrelled over by the stink. (What else is new?) It wasn't the usual fermenting garbage/cabage/sewage smell mingling with that mysterious pork 'n' beans scent and concentrated hobo's wee. Today it was vomit combined hellishly with Girl Scout cookies from the factory down the street and maybe a smattering of wet dog and whatever steaming dead thing those seagulls in the supermarket parking lot were fighting over. Lovely. I swear this place is a veritable carnival of smells, most of which come straight from Satan's backside.

I guess English settlers decided 400 years ago that Jamestown just plain didn't smell bad enough so they toddled up the river and founded Stinktown. Makes me wonder of the stench is natural and has always been here and will be here long after Stinktown is wiped off the map in a nuclear holocaust. It probably had some creepy-ass Native American name that meant Funk-of-A-Thousand-Dead-Polecats and the settlers translated it wrong. "I name thee Stinketowne!" "Yay!" "Hey nonny nonny!"

Gawd. Where is that nuclear holocaust when you need one?


Yesterday my brother didn't seem to think a mechanical brass fish-shaped submarine in a computer game was a good reason to do a dorky little happy-dance. Look, damn you!

See, coolest thing, ever. It even has decorative Victorian ironwork on the side, dang it all.

I think he's just all upset that all he sees washed up on the shore are damn ugly geese.


Scott said...

I only play videogames with charming ethnic stereotypes in them. Oh, that Mario!

K. Anne said...

Very cool!

Knitty Cat said...

That is a FUN game!! I highly recomend it for some major time suckage. Take the "sold your soul" mod, and the evil path. Make sure you have a nice suit or dress though or people will start killing you on sight. ;)

Severina said...

They'll be killing me more than they do now???

K8 said...

Anyone who doesn't think that submarine isn't the bee's knees is a poopoohead.

Severina said...

By some strange coincidence my brother's nickname is poopoohead.

Imagine that!

Scott said...

That's Mr. Poopoohead, to you.

Mouse said...

Hey woman.. I'm glad to see you resurfaced again- thought maybe you and Evil Orange went to the moon again and got held hostage.
Have you signed up on the wait list for Ravelry yet? There are a bunch of your patterns up there and a listing under "Severina" and the patterns under "Vintage Stitch-o-rama". Quite Cool. I've signed up to edit patterns there and have been working on adding information for your stuff until you arrive and take over. Best to sign up under username "Severina" for less confusion me thinks.
Just wanted to let you know that you're patterns are lurking over there already.. adding a little darkness to the fluffy bunny patterns. heehee.