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Sunday, August 15, 2010

None More Leaves

I officially have enough leaves on my bracelet now, so I can shut the hell up about it. The damned thing is now crammed so full of leaves it looks like something you'd leave on the curb for the trashmen* during fall leaf collection or perhaps a branch from one of the drought-ridden trees on my block. Last count is 68 leaves, and 7 strange round, globby things that I'd put on in the first round with the mistaken idea that it would fill everything out. For comparison check out the wimpy version.

(picture that Blogger keeps eating should be placed here)

How many more leaves do you think I could shove in there? The answer is none. None more leaves. Perhaps a globule or two, but none more leaves.

Now I can go back to crocheting the beady antique purse. Since it's been much too nasty and humid to count and thread teeny seed beads accurately I've done a whole four rows since my last photo in July. I should have been done long before now. I had gotten a pretty good head of steam at the beginning, but then the heat came and I've only done the Leaf Orgy Bracelet and made about three dozen false starts on a knitted vest I'm designing. Oh, and I've spent hour upon hour perusing bead magazines for Shit I'll Order the Beads For But Won't Get Started On. At least beads are cheap.

*No, I don't mean the band The Trashmen. (pause) Or do I?


Mouse said...

I really like it.... does it make noise? It looks like it would rattle with all of those beads on it. Not that I care about something like that considering I have tiny silver bells in my hair.. lol.

Severina said...

It rattles a bit, but it's not loud, it's sort of comforting. I've got a silver charm bracelet with maybe 35 charms and that makes a horrible amount of noise.

Before I started working around chemicals (too much tarnish) I used to wear tons of sterling bangles and bracelets and there was no way I could sneak up on anybody with those damn things clanking and clanging.

Scott said...

And now all of us live in fear of her sneaking up on us and doing something freaky. [Shudder.]

Severina said...

I'll just set Grady on your ass.

"Kill, Grady, kill kill kill!"

Obsidian Kitten said...

Mmmm...I like these leaves.