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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Random Recaps or Something

This cat-measuring exercise was requested by Ms. O'Kitten. Yes, that's a yardstick not a ruler. I also managed to get a tape measure around his gut and the Prince of Whales is 17 inches around. I think there's something there shouldn't be in his Kitten Chow, like maybe some secret government chemical nonsense that was meant for the Defense Department. You know, that stuff they feed the Giant War Animals.

Stop looking at me like that!

He also has learned the power of invisibility. He can fade away, much like the Cheshire Cat, but leaving his spots behind instead of a smile. Then he'll fling himself at the back of my knees when I least expect it and I'll lie on the floor with a broken back until the Beast gets hungry. That should be about three hours after he's cleaned out his bowl of Defense Department Kitten Chow.

This entirely random scan is the back seam of the aforementioned Victorian stocking that I completely forgot to show until Mouse asked how it was done. The seam stitch is both colors of yarn purled together so you don't wind up with a bazillion stupid little yarn ends to darn in. The inside has a little ridge but it isn't noticeable. The instructions say to purl together all five colors of the multi-striped ladies' silk stocking but I think that would just make a honkin' big ridge and would get pretty damned tiresome after a couple dozen rows.

This is the last of the Goddamned Snow. At least until Tuesday. I will then be pretending that whatever falls out of the sky is nuclear fallout.


Scott said...

That's a fat cat. And you're still feeding him Kitten Chow? By now I thought you would've switched over to the cheap-ass brands of adult cat foods that are mostly saw dust.

Mouse said...

OMG.. that giant spotted lardy looking THING ate Grady! It is clearly whatever noxious gases are emitted from those stinkbugs he's been eating that has caused this -- you might be able to fly him around the room like the Hindenburg (until he crashes and catches on fire.. tragically killing everyone on board)in no time.

Scott said...

See, this is why you should have a camera capable of taking video. I'll never forgive you if the internet is deprived of Hindenburg cat!

Obsidian Kitten said...

Wow...I had no idea they sold cats by the yard.

It's a velocicat now.

Buyer beware...