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Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Acrylic. Sorry.

A partial lace & cable stocking tossed on the scanner because I'm effing tired of shaky pictures done with that rotten digital camera of mine.

After my last post you'd think I'd learn my lesson about acrylic. Nope. I'm knitting a second pair of stockings in the same fingering-weight gray acrylic pillaged from a thrift-store sweater, and I knitted the gray stripes on the Victorian ones with it. (The first pair was my Skull Stockings.) I didn't think one sweater would have that much yardage. It was a frumpy oversized double-knit ribbed cardigan and I think I still have a bag around here with some unfrogged pieces in it. Holy crap, I could maybe crank out a couple pairs of socks when I'm done!

But it at least doesn't smell like that ginormous 1980s Aran thing.

I've been trying like hell all weekend to visit about 15 or so blogs but with my absurdly slow connection I can't even get to anyone's comments section before it all craps out on me. I can upload photos, but that takes at least a couple minutes for each one. Damn dial-up usually isn't this slow for more than a day or so before it goes back to normal--I suspect Grady has either jiggled my phone jack or technology is back to hating me again.

Either it's the primitive technology being overloaded or you people post too many damn pictures for my dial-up to handle.

So, "Hi! Great entry!" to everyone on the list, at least until the AEther clears up and the magic vapours flow through the phone lines again and I can visit for real.


Mouse said...

I hear that worm pastilles are great for curing the "magic vapours"... I'm just sayin'.

Scott said...

The internet is a series of tubes and yours are clogged up. Probably with cat hair or barf.

Obsidian Kitten said...

AH, internets schminternets.

The whole thing is overrated.

WV: loiflo
Possibly, a lubricant that may be used to unclog your internet tubes.

Severina said...

I suspect my internets tube is stuffed with worm pastilles. I'm all for jamming a bent coat hanger in there.


It finally took about four freakin' hours to visit everyone. This process normally would have taken about 45 minutes.

I haven't even made dinner yet.

Obsidian Kitten said...

I think your internet tubes may well be full of unknit stockings.

I can easily picture one of those stocking machines angrily huffing and puffing and chugging away in a dark corner of your abode.

Severina said...

So that's what that infernal racket is!