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Saturday, December 12, 2009

She's Had Much, Much Too Much Coffee

Here's a fun quiz everyone can do and can "lead you to FUN and PROFITS!" Right. While I'm rummaging around through the neighbor's garbage in the dark I'll try and remember that macaroni and burnt matches can "lead me to FUN and PROFITS!"

Don't peek at the answers until you're done!


1. Mock wrought iron made from--real wrought iron.
2. Parrot made from--a transmission from a 1957 Ford Fairlane, 3 buckets of concrete, a wooden clothes pin, an Atlas Rocket afterburner, and glitter.
3. Model steam engine made from--a whole turkey, 2 apple cores, and a banana peel.
4. Peacock plaque made from--water skis.
5. Bible school project made from--a pair of socks and the neighbor's dog.
6. Bride and groom made from--a leftover steak, 17 Coke bottles, used motor oil, and glitter.
7. Basket made from--a bowling ball, a stick of gum, and 3 sticks of dynamite.
8. Dragon plaque made from--a leftover policeman and glitter.

Now go do some of that "FUN and PROFITS!" crap. I won't stop you.


Scott said...

My answer for all of these was garbage; I guess I was sort of right. Kinda.

Severina said...

Garbage? Garbage???

Haven't you learned anything? It's not garbage if you can make something out of it, and even if it means using old eggshells, roadkill, car tires, and turkey bones.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Oh damn. And here I was certain it was the parrot that was made from the leftover policeman and glitter...


Severina said...

See, that just goes to show you how fucking clever the world of Garbage Craft really is.

I'm shaking in my boots at the very thought.