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Monday, August 3, 2009

He Doesn't Take Dictation

Ahhh, Grady Grady Grady.

Despite a promising start, I've since discovered the boy is completely hopeless at sewing. I was hemming a blouse on Saturday and he was sitting underneath the sewing machine and suddenly came up through the metal plate that covers the bobbin mechanism. Not the whole cat, just two very large gray paws. Not terribly helpful to give me a little heart attack pretending to be Thing from the Addams Family.

Holy crap.

When my brother was little he woke up screaming one night that there was a cow in his room. "I heard a cow!" he shrieked over and over. Well, I won't have to worry about cows wandering into my bedroom because I found something Grady is actually good at. Cow Hunting.

You'll notice a stray cow lurking next to my pillow. Grady pounces, deftly flips the cow around, and then he batters it around a bit before chewing on his nose. That cow will never sneak up on me again when I'm asleep! Let's just hope the apartment isn't infested with the little bastards because I don't think they make Cow Motels to trap them and I can't imagine where they'd nest.

Despite his new-found skills at cow-hunting, he's become pretty useless as a lab assistant. He can type pretty fast but his spelling is atrocious. He also tends to either play with or eat my experiments so I've either had to shut him up in the bathroom while I work or wait until he's asleep so I can get some work done.

Ohh, can't wait until it's time to go to the doc's for a little boykitty snip-a-roo. Heh heh.

Time to reformat my hard drive and reload The Sims. I downloaded some new furniture and crap for them and I haven't had a chance to use any of it. I keep intending to reformat but I spend my weekends either sewing or reading total crap books or watching even worse movies. Feh.


Scott said...

He's almost eating size.

Severina said...

The cow or the cat?

che said...

Well where the fuck have you been woman? haha Write me and guve me your number.

BlackCrow said...

Kitty stew with fur balls...mmmmm
hey just letting you know that a box of things is coming your way...sent it about 2 days ago...disregard the little card I was under pressure at the post office. Great photo of Grady and the typewriter, does it still work...the typewriter not Grady:)

I hear that cows lay their eggs in areas of the house that are undisturbed for 12 months of the year......bedroom?