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Monday, July 20, 2009

Cat Assistant At Work

My new kitty assistant has informed me that his name is Grady. He has one of those tiny squeaks, like you'd stepped on a mouse, so I wasn't sure exactly what he was telling me for about a week. Not a terribly manly voice, but who am I to complain?

Thus far he's done his job well, usually bringing me my tools when I ask for them, especially if I'm using a catnip mouse in my experiments. Those he'll usually bring to me whenever I drop them. Now I just have to get him to bring me my coffee in the mornings or my eyeglasses when I can't remember where I've parked them.

Here he is, helping me with my newest project. I'm assembling a smallish zeppelin in my sitting room and the gasbag involves a lot of sewing, so young Master Grady has been a big help keeping the fabric steady and occasionally yanking on the ends to straighten them. I hope he'll do just as well when I start on my Rampaging Robot Army. He'd better know how to put in rivets, charge a battery, and load a cannon.

Great assistant, but he is a shameless exhibitionist. Nobody needs to see kitten junk.


Shrinky Inky said...

it's nice of him to have finally shared his name with you, sounds like he's doing alright in his new employ.

pity about the exhibitionism though. mine still hasn't gotten over and has now taken to straddling my arm on the sofa when he lays down next to me and parking his junk on my elbow.

i <3 cats. really i do.

Mouse said...

The first photo almost looks as if you've just finished pulling a cat out of your sewing machine. Nice to see Mr. Grady adapting to his surroundings... looks like he'll make a good evil minion.

Severina said...

It almost looks like I'm sewing up a new cat. Or a pig.

I've started calling him the Spotted Pig because he's a fat little spud, plus he eats enough for about four kitties.

BlackCrow said...

Ok Grady is pretty cute and looks like he maybe able to spit rivet when he is a little older, but what the hell came in the box with Erector on it??

Severina said...

Ahhh, that's a 1950s Erector Set. It's a Radar Scope kit so little Cold War kids can keep an eye out for atomic missiles and bombers.