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Monday, February 9, 2009

I Post This Sims Crap Because Real Life Is Dull

I'm assuming you'd rather not hear me grumble about my ham-fisted attempts at a catalog layout and very nearly pouring a half-gallon of severely mildewed, quite rancid latex house paint down the front of my shop apron. Or my success in nearly sawing my thumbnail in half lengthwise Saturday trying to saw the wood for my Mini Dirt Nap Guy. Go me.

Edward has just realized he made a stupid, stupid move by inviting Maggie and her offspring to live in his house. Little Eddie is a complete dork in aqua short pants and Maggie is redecorating the entire house. Floral wallpaper, frilly curtains, and prissy knick-knacks abound. At least his rat Basil still loves him no matter how ancient the wallpaper is.

Inexplicably he has forgiven Cassandra, mostly because he doesn't have to pay for a good time like he would at Lady Pokingham's brothel and she would never, ever buy ceramic kittens or a Special Edition Barbie.

He's still having no luck getting that laboratory job at the Sim City Recombinant DNA Laboratory. Either he keeps applying out of sheer spite or he's a complete masochist. We see Cassandra is still trying to "help" him in his employment quest by groping and slobbering all over the lab techs, though this doesn't appear to be helping Edward's job situation in the least. The guys are usually happy to see her anyway, though I'm now quite certain she can't tell them all apart.

I'd watch out for those leaky metal drums. Perhaps Cassandra should invest in a yellow radiation suit.

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