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Thursday, January 29, 2009


Cassandra Goth has a good chunk of Sim City in an uproar, and not because of the strange things she does on film with sheeps' eyes, butane lighters, and silk underpants.

Here she is, making another attempt at getting Edward a nice laboratory job. It appears at least one of the guys is interested in her icky films, so long as she's wearing high heels somewhere in it.

Cssandra trying to make up to Edward who has finally had enough. Oddly, domesticity with Maggie sounds much more appealing than a freaky girl who will pretty much do anything. He figures right now he can get that kinda stuff at Lady Pokingham's brothel.

She appears to have become a science groupie, purely by accident. I guess you can't bend a lab tech backwards over a counter to get your boyfriend a job without something going completely wonky. All this time she had no idea she was making out with several different guys so she has either made them really happy, incredibly upset, or horribly confused.

Observe poor Andrew. He's just realizing how much he misses finding hideously awful things left on his doorstep by Cassandra. She is his biggest fan, after all. After smoking a couple packs of cigarettes, he has decided to see what all the fuss is all about with this recombinant DNA laboratory. This is his first time in the filthy industrial part of Sim City, but he thinks maybe a factory would be a great place to film a video.


Scott said...

This is the pathway to madness!

Severina said...

No, it's the pathway to DEVO. I haven't got any Madness Sims.

Don't tempt me.