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Monday, January 26, 2009

The Horrible Sim Saga Continues

Edward's life continues to spiral amusingly down into the sewer. He had no luck getting that fantastic new laboratory job yesterday. He's also finding it harder and harder to make quality snogging time with both the women he's somehow managing to keep. Don't know how long this can continue before they find out about each other. He's probably secretly hoping for a catfight or maybe a threesome, the sleaze.

Unfortunately he couldn't keep his mouth shut to Cassandra about his job search, so she's decided to "help". We should be thankful that her idea of "helping" doesn't at this moment involve sharp objects.

She first offers to let the lab techs see her film collection. You know, the icky ones she makes with her friend Betony. This doesn't get the reaction she expected, mostly because they've already downloaded her little cinematic forays off the internet and at least one of the guys is having nightmares and might need medication.

Making out with or groping all the employees is her next option. Or maybe it was the same one multiple times--she can't quite tell them apart yet. She also makes a few creative suggestions. "Ya got a big brush for my bowl?"

Of course Edward turns up and doesn't exactly accept her explanation that she's really helping him with his employment situation, just in a more "hands-on" kind of way than most people. So he stomps away, furious.

He does kinda have some nerve getting angry at Cassandra, considering he has two women.

Then Maggie presents him with a little surprise. "Blast!" he thinks. "Where do these things keep coming from?"

Topping off his day, his nemesis Ebenezer turns up. You remember, he's the one who built the time machine that sent Edward to the 21st century. He decided to come forward about 100 years and check up on him, mainly to make his life more of a hell than it already seems to be right now.

To cheer himself up, Edward makes a little trip to Lady Pokingham's new brothel, wiping out his bank account. Perhaps he should take up robbing banks.


Mouse said...

Fornicating Sims!! *pretends to cover eyes* Dude.. you have the greatest add ons for this game.. lol.

I now have a zombie and a dread-head goth girl as a couple.. but I can't manage to keep the baby from going to social services. I wonder if there is a cheat for such a thing.

Severina said...

The only way I could keep social services from taking the babies away is to make the sims take turns constantly feeding and singing to the things. I've put an adult bed in the baby's room so they're right there with it. Doesn't always work, though.

OR there's Simlogical's Buyable Baby. Any time the "should we have a baby?" diologue comes up you say no, then get a buyable baby from the misc section for 1 simolean. It can stay a baby forever or you can make it a child right away. Social services won't touch it!

Fornicating Sims:

I'm still tracking down more links and I'll be doing a post for it in a few days.

Mouse said...

I don't have Hot Date.. that's why my Sims aren't as interesting as yours!! I really need to scrape up some money to buy a few more expansion packs.. right now I only have the Sims Deluxe and an uninstalled "making magic".

Severina said...

Try buying it from Amazon Marketplace--you could totally get a used copy for a couple of bucks. I'm going to get my Making Magic and Vacation from there sometime soon.

I'm in the middle of tearing down the boring old malls & beaches and building a laboratory and maybe a nuclear power plant.