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Sunday, November 9, 2008

OK, It's An Odd Morning

Dollar stores carry strange food brands I've never heard of. The creepy guy on the left was on a pack of fig cakes and when I looked at the label upside down I thought he was Amish. I figured Amish people probably make pretty good fig cakes so I bought them.

I got home and really looked at the label and saw that it's a bizarre heraldic banner with little green fig cakes lined up as though they were his attentive minions hanging on their leader's every word, much like a fruity Triumph of the Will.

I fear a fig cake invasion is imminent.


Scott said...

I've had the strawberry version of those several times. They're quite good actually, but that red-haired freak gives me the willies.

Severina said...

The apple ones are pretty good, but now I won't be able to buy them without wondering if I'm financing their little fig cake invasion.

Scott said...

I picture that red haired freak having sex with someone or something.

Severina said...

Oh, now that's just not right.

Mouse said...

For some reason your latest post won't let me comment... FEH! Your blog is conspiring against me and I don't like it ONE BIT!
BTW.. now I have that damned Bauhaus song stuck in my head thanks to your post title..

Severina said...

My blog isn't conspiring against you, it's those Agents of Evil, or possibly Republicans. They traded the cat in and now they're diddling with my blog!

I've fixed it now.

*hides in dark corner with a big stick to hit Agents with*