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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Crap!

First some old crap. The cat's not new. In fact he just turned 17 about a week ago and still knows how to work my last nerve. Horrible, beastly thing. I'm thinking I should make a hat out of him.

But these patterns are new and they're up at the Stitch-O-Rama, where they can gather dust and much mockery. But if they're antique patterns can they still be new? Hmmmm.

Victorian Miser's Purse
Beaded Mitts
Knitted & Beaded Cuffs, 1890

Here's a couple of pins I made by taking antique typewriter parts and making silicone molds of them, then I molded them in plastic. The one on the left was made by epoxying together a vile earring and a plastic molded typewriter part. They were molded in a brownish plastic and then rubbed with black paint to grubby them up a bit.

All the junk on the right was found inside the roller. All I wanted was to take off the jaggedy gear thingy and mold that and now I've got all this crap to put back together. There's something like 37 parts, not including the screws. I'm not even sure what the spring does, since it was hidden inside the roller minding its own business.

This is the photo I used. It's a British mourning pin I got from eBay and the photo is printed on glass. I only have black ink right now but it sort of didn't matter since any colored photo wouldn't have shown through the amber resin I used.

Pieces and the silicon molds. The dome over the photo is amber epoxy resin which I used because my clear epoxy is full of bubbles and I don't happen to have a vacuum chamber in the apartment to suck them all out. But I liked the amber because it partially concealed the photo so you really couldn't see what the guy looked like and it behaves like a really filthy magnifying glass.

I'm nearly out of two-part silicone and I was going to order more but the power supply to my computer died on me so I had to use the money to buy a new part. A bargain at $34, but I still would have preferred to buy something else with it. Supposedly I could use silicone caulk but that stuff is a lot thicker than the Dragon Skin and I'm afraid I'll lose some detail. But it is about $30 cheaper.

New computer parts make smells when they get warm, in case anyone wants to know, but then so do cats.


Mouse said...

*shrieks* Its alive.. ALIVE!! I mean.. uh.. nice to see you again. If you decide to turn Agent Orange there into a hat, let me know because it will go nicely with the fur muff I always threaten to turn Ms. Kitty into.

Scott said...

Giant ants!

BlackCrow said...

Well, well, well...I was beginning to think of making a Severina mourning pin!!
Now that yellow stuff looks like ear wax, but I like it!
We nearly had three cats yesterday but I made BF take one back to its owner!! Otherwise I could have sent you the CC colour for your hat!
Great to hear the orange beastie is still giving you grief!
Off now to check out those new old patterns and comics...

Severina said...

*thinking of combining cat hair and ear wax*

I've been stored in a freezer bag with, according to my brother, giant ants. And I totally keep procrastinating about emails & blog visits, turning on the computer, existing in the real world, etc.

I suck! Dammit!

Obsidian Kitten said...

i simply cannot believe that you don't have a vacuum chamber in your apartment. maybe you can make one out of aforementioned cat?

meanwhile, i celebrate your reanimation.

i *hate* ants.