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Monday, June 4, 2007

New (Old) Pattern

French Knickers pattern posted over at the Stich-O-Rama. It's supposed to work in either silk crepe or 3-ply wool, and since it's a little too warm to be considering wool drawers right at the moment I've started casting on a pair in black rayon crepe. I've got some shiny black silk and nearly a pound of bright red rayon that I could run up a few more in if I like these.

Oh, the cat hair these could collect!


Rachel said...

Are we going to get to see you wear them like last time? hehe

BlackCrow said...

I want to do a knicker knit along with you....I'll check out my yarn shop tomorrow at lunch and see what they have in the way of rayon or silk..mmmm yum black silk that sounds sexy!
I knew you'd like these little knickers!

Severina said...

Ooooh, a knicker knit along!

I had to switch over to some weird pinkish rayon I had but that stuff dyes up pretty well. The rayon crepe I started with wound up being too bulky.

Mmmm, black silk...

BlackCrow said...

I did a swatch!!!! my very first and found out it was two stitches off from being 1 inch wide but the the length was exactly 1 inch.
I'm thinking to ignore the extra two stitches and go in guns balzzing with my 2ply silk and size 12 (old size) I being too gun-ho?