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Friday, October 23, 2015

Dreams In the Witch House

Progress on Away We Ride.  I only bought three of the fancy hand-dyed colors, black gray and yellow, thinking those were the ones where it really mattered.  Ha.  I used DMC for the witch house and rather than looking like stone it looks like stucco with rust stains.  I think I can fake it with a paintbrush and strong tea.

Linen isn't as horrible to stitch on as I imagined, but I wound up having to roll the unworked sections up and putting clothes pins on to keep the fabric out of the way.  I did miscount at the beginning so the windows are a couple spaces off, like that matters.  The only place it'll make any difference is when I start in on the main border.  I'll have to start in the center of each side and work out, then fudge the corners.  Just so long as I don't have to pick out as much as I did with Ohm Sweet Om.

My knitting UFO bag mocks me.  I have a mitten, one legwarmer and half an afghan, parts of two scarves and a third of a vintage Shetland lace shawl.  Oh, and most of a purse I don't much like.  Crap on a cracker.

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