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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Update, Of A Sort

OK, it's been, like, a year since I've posted anything.  My excuse is that a *snort* novel has eaten most of my brain and it insists on my total obedience when I drag my carcass home from work.  I expect it will be demanding a human sacrifice pretty soon.

I had written up to 180,000 words, then I realized nobody in their right mind would publish a first novel that large so it's been edited down to 105,000.  Still a little unwieldy, but I can whittle a little more off in the interim.  I'm trying to find a chunk I can post as an excerpt that would give a good idea what the book is about without giving too much of the plot away.  It's a horror comedy Young Adult, in case you were wondering.  If you weren't wondering, then you have more of a life than I do.

Sometimes I consider chickening out and just posting it as an e-pub on Amazon, but I'd really like to work with an editor.  A human one.  I've downloaded a few too many crappy e-pubs that are in dire need of an editor.  I'd rather the readers mocked me for other reasons.  So there. 

Don't even ask about the sheer hell that is writing an agent's query letter.  *shrieks silently*

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... 

I'm designing a lace shawl which might be done in, oh, about three years.  I've knitted and frogged the center section maybe 27 times.  I finally said the hell with it and chose a leaf lace pattern and I'm about halfway through that part.

I still have some lace stockings I need to photograph and write the pattern for.  It was a little too warm to wear them last winter so I folded them up and forgot about them.  I blame the hole in my brain that the *snort* novel ate.

In my research on my *snort* novel I've read, like, 397 books.  About a third of them have been books on late 1970s punk and new wave music, specifically Southern California bands.  The rest are seemingly random things like one on Skylab, another on 1970s labor unions, and don't ask how many on clothes, TV and pop culture.  It's almost like even though I lived through 1979 I forgot all the good stuff.  I'll be posting a book list sometime soon.

I'll be redoing the blog sometime.  I'm a little tired of the background and broken links and such.

I'm sure there's some other crap, but my brain just now stopped working.

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Heidi is amazing said...

A book is exciting. Best wishes on finding an editor. I always liked your blog and recently returned to my own dusty internet haven. Look forward to future post.