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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Banged-up and stiff. I've got an awesome knot on my right elbow from hitting it on the bathroom towel bar on Wednesday and myriad bumps and bruises from hauling around heavy wooden packing crates and I twisted my right wrist putting together some big stupid wood display panels. Dammit to hell.

The train dragged into Richmond at 6:30 pm Friday, so I've spent most of my time since then either soaking in a steaming hot tub or sprawled on the sofa being smothered and mauled by a fat Ocicat.

Philadelphia is quite a bit more organized digging out from under their last two snow storms than DC. Philly got 28" last weekend, then another 15" while I was there and they pretty much got downtown streets and sidewalks cleared the next day. Even during the actual blizzard part there were still cabs out and restaurants open. Washington DC, the whole city shut down and they hadn't really put much of a dent in plowing all the previous weekend's snow--Tuesday they still had ice on the Beltway.

It turns out I'm getting paid for four days this week, despite my confused whining that it would only be two, and I'll make up that Friday sometime before payday. Inexplicably, Grady didn't destroy anything, at least until I got settled on the sofa. He'd saved up four days of Cat Evil for me.

Coming next time: Trip photos and confused rambling, plus pieces of a 1940s top I'd finished knitting before I left, and new Etsy jewelry nobody's going to buy.

Back to sleep, knitting, or maybe some sleep-knitting.


Helen said...

Four days? Awesome. Maybe you won't have to turn to prostitution.

Obsidian Kitten said...

Huzzah for pay.

But maybe you were looking forward to wearing signboards and working as a call-girl?

And you left me your Time Machine Ocicle-Powered?

Scott said...

Now there's an idea, a blog written by the world's most annoyed prostitute.