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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Victorian Stocking (Again)

Yet more progress on the 1886 stocking. I'm mostly done with the decreases and it is now 22" long. The book on Victorian mourning jewelry I got for Xmas a couple of hours ago and I'll probably have my nose in it for the rest of the weekend when I'm not knitting or dealing with relatives.

I got some antique medical books to add to my collection: Physical Diagnosis (1919), A Text-Book of Operative Dentistry (1918), and DeLee's Obstetrics For Nurses (1946). Ickiness abounds!

I also got Billy Whiskers in France (1919), a kid's book about a goat wandering around loose in WWI Paris doing god knows what. Other books in the series are Billy Whiskers' Travels, Billy Whiskers Kidnapped, Billy Whiskers' Kids, Billy Whiskers' Grandkids, Billy Whiskers at the Circus, etc. Humph. They completely left out my personal favorites, Billy Whiskers Demon Goat and Billy Whiskers at the Glue Factory.

I'm more intrigued by the books advertised in the back, namely The Wonderful Electric Elephant and its sequel, On A Lark to the Planets. Apparently, beastly children Harold and Ione somehow acquire an electric elephant and go off on all sorts of hideous adventures that odious children during this time all seemed to have. Somehow this Wonderful Electric Elephant can also fly up into space and these two brats can annoy the living snot out of people on other worlds as well.

Random YouTube clip of Grady cow-wrestling. My brother has nothing better to do than film the damnable spotted beast.


Helen said...

Sounds as if someone needs their own cat for fun-filled hours of filming.

Eve said...

Well, the ocicat wrestling the cow is more fun to watch than geese fighting over Cheetohs.

Scott said...

After spending several days with the horrible ocicat I'm thinking I should just take him down to the river and let him fight it out with the geese. Now that would make a good video.

Also, my word verification is mangst which sounds like the manly version of angst.

Severina said...

Awwww, you'll be all upset when he goes back home tomorrow.


Severina said...

Your mangst is palpable.


Scott said...

The beast is gone from my sight! The cat, too!

Obsidian Kitten said...

You forgot the classic, "Billy Whiskers Causes You to Dream You Are a Dead Goat Stuffed in a Pillowcase."