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Monday, December 14, 2009

Horrible Beast

Whilst I was attempting to put up the amusing and educational railroad post I had this little annoyance to contend with.

Bad, bad Grady, contemplating Houdini and working my last nerve. My camera sucks so much it can't even capture a slightly moving cat's head or a swinging tail. Feh. The brightly-colored canvas to the upper left is Obsidian Kitten's "Four Letter Words #1" that I got in an Etsy trade a while back, in case anyone was wondering.

I had planned to redo that damnable site this weekend, plus finish some beading for Etsy, and get started on a shrug I'm designing, but nooooo I had to get sick. The Spotted Thing is no help whatsoever, pouncing on me when I was laid out on the sofa, turning over a big plant in a stand during the night and throwing dirt all over the sofa again. Just this morning he got behind the TV and pulled the cord out of the outlet and for an encore climbed on my shoulder and bit the side of my head while I was at the computer.

See, I could make a purse out of him now, or wait until he reaches full size then construct a handy-dandy messenger bag. Still deciding on that one.

Furious update two hours later:

I don't even want to discuss how many times this poor plant has had a fat spotted cat either in it or hanging off of it this weekend. I wonder if I could make potholders out of ocicat hide?


Scott said...

Just get rid of the plants. Or the cat. Hell, get rid of all of them.

Severina said...

You're no help whatsoever.

shakes fist

BlackCrow said...

Hey is that the Tony Curtis Houdini poster? My brother and I are's one of our favorite movies!!

Severina said...

Nahhh, it's a reprint of one of Houdini's original posters.

It says, "Nothing on Earth can hold Houdini a prisoner" and it has a bunch of bondage-ish handcuff engravings.

I'm sure I've seen the Tony Curtis film at least a couple times over the years.

Obsidian Kitten said...

blogger is eating my posts