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Friday, November 20, 2009

Yeah, I'm Bored

I had a long and quite witty post all lined up, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was about. Feh.

The cat was neutered three weeks ago and whatdaya know, he's started humping that toy cow again. What, I never told you Grady was a sex machine? Now that you know you can't un-know it. Giggedy-giggedy.

He's also about nine pounds, which seems to me to be kinda hefty for a seven month old cat, but what do I know?

Two days ago I was watching TV and Grady comes running with a cricket dangling from his mouth. Not one of those cute little fat brown crickets that chirp, but a camel cricket, which has really long legs and doesn't make a sound. Probably eats books like the little brown ones. Anyhow, Grady played with it for a bit, then picked it up and carried it to the other room. He then brought it back to me, chewed on it, then ran back to the kitchen with it dangling by one leg. This went on for about ten minutes, back and forth, before he finally brought back what was pretty much a nubbin of cricket. Of course he's still playing with it, batting it back and forth, until I can get a napkin and peel it up off the rug.

Yesterday he found a prehistoric crouton under the stove and proceeded to play with that until I could get it away from him. I know it had to be at least three years old because I haven't bought any croutons since I moved in.

Crap. None of this was what I wanted to post about. I promise you it wasn't about the cat. Crap crap crap crappity crap.


Scott said...

He's still humping the cow? Now there's no excuse for not making a video of him at work. Heh.

Severina said...

I do too have an excuse--I still haven't got a camera that shoots video.


Scott said...

Well, I've got a couple. You best be bringing that cow down here for Christmas. And the cat, too. Don't forget the cat.

Crypt Stitch said...

I had a kitty called Cleo, a ginger gal, who cam to me one day with a cicada wing haning out her mouth like a toothpick. Cicada was long gone, think she just wanted to use the evidence to look cool. BTW, she was cool, in a very Reservoire Dogs kind of way...