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Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Brain Hurts

Ahhhh! What's he rummaging around in his pockets for? A weapon? A naughty postcard? A potato chip shaped like Abraham Lincoln?

Allegedly a photo of a nice couple in front of a biplane. Let's make whoopee? Oh, let's not, or at least not in the cockpit of a biplane.
No jokes about the word "cockpit."

This is a quite large photo that I'd been calling "Family Day At the Asylum," mostly because the people are a bit dazed and blurry. I just noticed last week that the guy on the right with the mustache is blatantly staring down that woman's blouse.


Scott said...

So you give us small scans? At least give us a large detail of the man blatantly looking down the woman's blouse.

Obsidian Kitten said...

i too went checking to see the guy looking down her blouse, but to no avail.

scott was probably trying to actually look down her blouse, but i could be wrong.

don't cast aspersions on potoato chips bearing the faces of abraham lincolns--they are said to bear great power.

Scott said...

If there are blouses to be looked down, then I'm there. With bells on.

BlackCrow said...

Maybe it's a big festering boil down her blouse.
I like the old guy up the top, reminds me of Nosferato.
There is a lovely old photo in the Tip shop in town of a little boy that you would like....I'll checkout how much it is on Monday!