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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Everybody Hates Pluggers

The more I see the strip Pluggers, the more I hate it. Hate, hate, hate.

I remembered a few weeks ago that the guy who draws it, Gary Brookins, also draws these gently right-wing editorial comics for our local sheet of high-absorbency toilet paper, the Stinktown Times-Disgrace. So the jackass lives around here, which makes me even more furious. Unreasonably so. Sort of like that smelly guy you always see in front of every 7-11 on planet Earth who yells and dances and flails his arms for no real reason. That kinda unreasonable, but since it's that Pluggers guy maybe it isn't quite so unreasonable after all. On second thought, that smelly lunatic at the 7-11 might just be Brookins. Damn.


Scott said...

You know you're a plugger if you actually read Pluggers.

Severina said...

You know you're a plugger if you read Pluggers, then wipe yourself with it.