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Monday, August 23, 2010

Technology In Action, 1983

I like how this ad from my local newspaper (March 1983) shows its Vision of the Future by using some crap font from the mid-1970s.

And the illustration of the dot-matrix printer paper is pretty slammin', too. See how it shows some rad futuristic action by having the stack of paper thrust and curl itself at you? That stuff prints all by itself! Because that's what's supposed to happen in the future--paper prints stuff all by itself, robots clean the house after you teleport to work, and children are grown hydroponically.

Sit back and enjoy this brief glimpse of The Future from my 1983 high school yearbook. In The Future you fly to school using jetpacks and absorb knowledge by rubbing Rubik's Cubes all over yourselves.

Oh, and everything smells like plastic and all the music sounds exactly like the Kraftwerk song "Computer World". Really.

Since it is after all 1983, we offer a Ghostbusters quote: "I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought" because, ya know, I live in The Future and it's all pretty horrifying here what with all the teleporting robots and plastic children and all.


Scott said...

That's a TRS-80, I believe. And to make it even more awesome and futuristic, it's plugged into a little TV with the big channel-changing knobs. Flip the little switch that connects to the back of the TV, put the TV on channel 3, and then you're whisked away into a high-tech futuristic world. Or rather whisked to a dark screen with a blinking cursor. And you get to type stuff in. Typing stuff!

the Black Purl said...

One of the benefits of having cheap ass hippy parents is that until...oh, 8 years ago we still used a printer with perforated tear-away siding. After we got rid of it we still had boxes of the paper and we had to rip the sides off to print stuff. Fun!