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Monday, January 12, 2009

All Random and Stupid For the New Year

First brutally random post of the new year. Feh. Mostly things I've found and have no idea where they came from or why I have them on disk.

I think the first two examples can kick my brother's Circus Nurse books' asses. And they'd enjoy it, too. Yes, I mean both the the kicker and the kickee. I like to imagine combining the books. There could be Circus Nurse At the Passion Carnival or Not So Funny Circus Nurse. Perhaps even, Spanking A Clown--the Circus Nurse Story.

Isn't "spanking the clown" a euphemism for wanking? If it isn't it should be.

My computer has been totally wonky since before Thanksgiving. Shortcuts apparently don't work, new software was ignored, and my absolute favorite, locking up dead as some doo-doos* after only being on for about two minutes. And that would be two minutes without memory-hogging graphics being diddled with or some giant game running. So I tried System Restore. Pffffft. A total joke. Did it maybe six times and every time it would eventually return itself to major pain-in-the-assness. I tried the more thorough System Recovery. Same crap, different bat channel. Finally I wiped everything and reloaded all those backup system disks I had to burn when I bought the Beast and it gave me four partitions instead of two so it'll have to be done again, but with a better partitioning program.

So I haven't bothered to load any of my drawing programs or Winamp or my snazzy screensaver that looks like the guts of a clock. I haven't bothered getting my Firefox OldFactory skin because I'd just have to download it again when I wipe the bastard machine's brain. I did reload the Sims so I have something to yell at on the computer besides wonky partitions.

I also lost all my bookmarks despite dutifully saving them in an HTML file like I usually do every so often. On the backup disk I had a lovely little blank HTML, helpfully named "bookmarks". So I've been slowly trying to find stuff again.

Edgar Allen Poe's grave. I thought I'd accidentally deleted these pictures. I'd long ago deleted the pictures of the jackass I went to Baltimore with but I'd intended on keeping the ones of the churchyard where Poe is buried. Cool crypts and stuff.

Incidentally I'm cranking out some new Poe stuff for my Etsy shop. Go buy something so the kitty doesn't starve.

What's this? A stamp I made years ago to amuse (or annoy) my brother. He sorta looks like the big creepy guy who was at the bus stop today yelling at cars, except with an Oscar Wilde haircut.

Not much of anything going on with the Sims. You can see Edward is humping a greasy-spoon waitress when Cassandra isn't around and Cassandra still hates her mother. Edward's still having a little trouble with this century (modern technology confuses him) but he attracts women like lint on corduroy so he's pretty happy. Or he will be until Cassandra gets wind of it all. Dun-dun-duuun!

I had intended on finding a better mesh for Dieter so he'd have leotards instead of black trousers, but I can't be bothered right now.


*You should already know that "dead as some doo-doos" is a fourth season Blackadder line. Since you already know this, there's no point at all in my telling you.


Mouse said...

I love the outfit on Cassandra - I think that's the same head I have on one of my other Sims. I have to figure out how to take photos or where the photos that it takes automatically are hidden so that I can put my BlueMan/Goth Girl wedding photos on my blog.
Also.. BlackAdder-- LOL.

Severina said...

Casandra's dress is the one I planned on sewing from the heinous black velvet thriftstore dress, but I've been much too lazy to do it. With the white collar but without the white cuffs. I've got some Japanese loli patterns for some short/long button-on sleeves that look nearly identical.

Sims photos--if you look right above where you save your games there's a little camera icon. They give you three options for size and resolution and if you click on what looks like a photo album you can pull up your wedding pics.

Scott said...

Posting bitmaps? You fail the internets!

"Japanese loli patterns"?

Scott said...

Also, those book covers don't count since you don't actually own the books. Stealing them off some site I saw a few years ago don't count fer squat in these parts.

Obsidian Kitten said...

the book covers totally count, b/c they're funny and they're found objects, regardless of where they were found.

and japanese loli patterns--d'oh, where HAVE you been? now who fails the internets? i'm gonna have to send you cat box leavings myself.

so there.

Severina said...

OMG teh Internets Police!!!

There was only one bitmap, dang it. I'm surprised you noticed, but then you collect Circus Nurse books.

Scott said...

I'm all about keeping the internets safe.

I did some research on that goth loli stuff before work this morning. Dang it, I should've known it would have something to do with Fruits magazine. And since you're an elder goth [snicker] should you even be into this stuff? You're not really a teenage Japanese girl. Not even close.

Also, it's time for your monthly visit to your email inbox.

Severina said...

Bite me! I checked two days ago, unless you're babbling on about my old email address.

Not Fruits magazine--the Gothic & Lolita Bibles. I can use a damned loli sleeve pattern if I want to!


Scott said...

"the Gothic & Lolita Bibles"? Dare I ask? No, never mind.

Severina said...

Don't forget the sewing mag Gosurori.


Obsidian Kitten said...

i think circus nurse and lolita could get it on.

i'm just sayin.

Scott said...

Loli, loli, loli, get your adverbs here!

Severina said...

Dammit to hell, I'm gonna have that song stuck in my head for a month.

Scott said...